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S13 Reel Triangle Core Power Transformer

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Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  S13 reel triangle core transformers have introduced a most ideal core configuration, performance silicon steel strips, and advanced manufacturing processes and are manufactured via optimized design and elaborate processing. Now the product line has been qualified by strict testing made by a national authoritative test center and has attained a domestically leading level in quality and in performance.
  - In comparison with S9, no-load loss is reduced by 50% and no-load current reduced by 60%;
  - In comparison with S11, no-load loss is reduced by 25% and no-load current reduced by 25%;
  - S13-MRL-200/10 Transformer's noise level is as low as 33.4dB, as tested by an authoritative inspection organization.
  Reel triangle core transformers have broken through the traditional plane configuration and instead they have adopted a reel triangle configuration that joints 3 identical single frames together and has realized more rational combination in core arrangement. Therefore, 3 phase magnetic paths can be symmetric and equal in length, which helps to guarantee a balance in 3 phase power supply, to greatly reduce the magnetic reluctance, to bring exciting current and no-load loss obviously lowered, to enable a higher mechanical strength and a more stable structure.

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