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Pre-installed Power Transformers Substation

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
Pre-installed Power Transformers Substation

  The product is completely in compliance with standard GB/T17467-2010 《high-voltage/Low-voltage Pre-installed Power Transformer Substation》.It applies to urban public power distribution, road lamp power consumption, industrial and mining enterprises, urban building, residential building, mountainous area, hotel, park and construction site, and can realize ring main type and terminal type of power supply mode.

Environmental Conditions for Product Use

  - Altitude should be 1000m, users of high altitude region should indicate altitude upon ordering, and the product can meet requirement of user for altitude below 4000m.

  - Ambient temperature: -30℃~+40℃

  - Temperature: maximum monthly average temperature should be +30℃ and maximum annual average temperature should be +20℃.

  - Relative humidity: daily average≤95% and monthly average≤90%;

  - Anti-seismic level: horizontal acceleration 0.4m/s2 and vertical acceleration 0.15m/s2

  - Installation site: free from violent impact, serious pollution and chemical corrosion, conductive dust and explosion hazard.

  - Where the normal usage conditions/requirements are not met, please negotiate with our company.

Significant Implementation Standards

  - GB/T17467-1998/eqVIEC1300: 1995 High-voltage/low-voltage Pre-installed Power Transformer Substation

  - GB1094-1996/eqVIEC 76: 1993 Power transformer

  - GB6450-1998/eqVIEC 726: 1982 Dry type power transformer

  - GB11022-1999/eqVIEC 60694: 1996 Common technical conditions of high-voltage switchgear and control gear standard

  - GB3906-2006/neqIEC398: 1990 3.6-40.5kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control gear
  - Basic structure of cubicle transformer substation falls into two categories of rectangular or triangular arrangement, cubicle-type skeleton adopts welding of high quality channel steel and angle steel, and features high mechanical strength; cubicle body adopts aluminum alloy section material, features good corrosion resistance, painting color of exterior is harmonized with ambient environment, and carefully designed bottom hoisting device provides extreme convenience for installation, transportation and movement.

  - Cubicle transformer substation features independent high-voltage chamber, transformer chamber and low-voltage chamber, of which illumination is automatically turned on with opening of door. High-voltage chamber is installed with high-voltage ring main switchgear, it is possible to select air compression type and vacuum type load-breaking switch, and "five-proof" function is available, in case of adoption of current limiting high-voltage fuse, load-breaking switch is automatically opened upon breaking of fuse of a certain phase, so as to avoid malfunction caused due to phase-deficient operation.

  - Transformer chamber adopts natural ventilation and automatically controlled forced heat radiation air cooling device, features exhaust system automatically controlled as per change of temperature, effective control and reduction of temperature inside cabinet, and meets operation requirements. In accordance with user's requirement, it is also possible to adopt anti-condensation device, and configure track to facilitate entry/exit from gate at both sides of transformer chamber. Cubicle material can prevent ingression of rain water and filthy, meet conditions for long-term outdoor usage, feature corrosion resistance, water proof, dust proof, long usage life, simple maintenance and pretty appearance, etc.

  - Transformer can adopt dry type or oil immersion transformer, and oil immersion transformer can adopt two types with oil conservator or without oil conservator fully-sealed.

  - Low-voltage features overall function of complete switchgear for selection by user and any combination.

  - Enclosure material: enclosure material includes composite plate, aluminized zinc sheet, stainless steel plate, metal carving plate and environmental protection timber, etc.

  - Structural features: high-voltage structure is reasonable and compact, can select SF6, FZN57 and VHC ring main cabinet, and features five-proof interlock function. Natural ventilation and automatic air cooling system of transformer applies to dry type and oil immersion transformer.

  - Low-voltage chamber: power distribution program of multiple structures can be adopted as per user's requirement, and features various functions such as power distribution, illumination power distribution, automatic reactive compensation and electric energy metering, automatic illumination system, high dust proof performance, long usage life, simple maintenance and beautiful appearance.
Product Structural Diagram
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